Paradise Regained

IMG_0894Paradise Regained

© B. Scott McCown, September 13, 2018

God looked out over Creation

He considered all that He made.

Man, He placed in the Garden

Man’s home if he simply obeyed.


But the tempter came into the Garden

Witnessing the beauty and peace.

He convinced Eve she was lacking

Knowledge and choice that bring ease.


If only she’d eat was his lie

Their eyes would open to see

All that God made was good

But they were not all they could be.


They ate of the fruit so forbidden

Knowledge they gained, yes indeed.

They now knew the power of sin

Enslaved by their choice, they were not freed.


As I look back to the Garden of Eden

To the choice made by Adam and Eve.

I must admit my own weakness

For my heart too is easily deceived.


But thanks be to the Father in Heaven

Who through Christ offers mercy and grace.

I don’t have to serve sin and darkness

I can live before the Creator’s face.


By sin a paradise was lost.

By sin my life is stained.

By Christ’s blood the stain is lifted,

In Him Paradise is regained.

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