Daily Compassion



The day was Friday, I had driven to the Credit Union to deposit a check and transfer some funds and was on the way back to my study. I do not know any of the people involved in this story, I am merely a witness. I was three cars back from the traffic light where Hackberry crosses 15th Street (for those outside of Tuscaloosa – 15th Street is a main road and Hackberry goes through the university campus). There was a young African-American mother standing at the intersection holding a baby not more than 2 months old in one arm and a gallon of water in the other. She appeared to be walking home from the store, trying to cross 15th. The temperature was nearing 95F and the humidity in an Alabama August was near 80%. Not a comfortable day to walk carrying water and a baby.

In front of me was an older model Chevy pick-up with Tuscaloosa County plates. Everything about the truck communicated it belonged to a hard working rural Caucasian family. I would go as far as to say they had a small family farm. I saw the young mother look toward the truck and answer a question. The light turned green but the truck did not move, the female passenger opened her door and the rear access door and let the young mother and her baby in. The lady driving the truck looked at me through her mirror checking for my reaction to possibly missing the light because of her actions. We did not miss the light but even if we did, how could I be upset at an act of kindness? Once the passenger closed both doors, they drove on and toward where this young mother likely lived. I continued to my study and thought about what I witnessed.


I learned something from this event. The two ladies in the truck showed compassion to this mother and her baby. What they did was simple. They saw a need they could meet and met that need. Maybe they were not thinking about the impact it would have on others. They may not even consider how brightly their lights were shining at that moment. Seeing these two women go out of their way to help one other woman and her baby speaks loudly. Whomever you are, thank you!

Thank you for restoring faith in humanity.

Thank you for reminding me that compassion is one person at a time.

Thank you for being a point of light.

– Scott


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