Bus Stops

IMG_0820I have changed my route to the study. I travel an extra mile or two and have added a few minutes to my commute. I had too. My former route is a construction zone and going that way, although shorter, would add more time to my commute.

My new route takes me through a school bus route. So far, I have managed to be ahead of the buses and have not had to stop. This morning I learned where three of the bus stops are. The Junior High / Senior High students were gathering at the stops along the route.

I noticed something about the nine students I saw this morning. All but one of them stood with their heads bowed. I might have thought they were praying for their day. I might have thought they were sleep walking/standing. I might have thought they were hanging their heads in disappointment that school has started back. But the eight at three different stops were all looking down at a phone in their hands. One was not.

One was not.

This one student was watching the cars pass by. He looked up at a bird that landed in a nearby tree. He seemed to be engaged by the world around him. Eight others stayed enslaved to a device held in their hands. I thought that maybe his parents thought him too young / irresponsible to have a phone. Or, maybe they could not afford a phone for him. I wonder if he felt left out. On the other hand, maybe he did have a phone but was interested in what was around him at the moment. I did not stop to ask. We will never know.

This scene caused me to think about distractions in my life. What in my life distracts me from my life? Do my possessions keep me from really living? Does technology disconnect me from life? Do my choices in recreation prevent me from relaxing? Are there things keeping me from engaging with my family and friends? What in my life is distracting me from life?

Even more concerning is how are these same things and more keeping me from an abundant life in Christ?

I am just thinking out loud. . . But I do wonder.

What in my life distracts me from my life?

– Scott

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