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A postforEveryoneI am sitting here debating whether or not to tell you about the last few days. I think I should. I think you need to know about some of the events.  I think I’ll start back a week ago. On Tuesday, July 31, Amy’s uncle, Joe Dodd, passed away at the age of 69 from complications of Alzheimer’s. Joe loved his family, he had two daughters and three grandsons. He was looking forward to sharing his love for tractors with them. Amy’s mom’s family gathered together to support each other. His funeral was Thursday.

Friday, Amy and I traveled to Montgomery to attend a press conference for 200 schools selected by the State of Alabama to be Bicentennial Schools based on the projects submitted by those schools. Of all the schools that submitted projects, the committee selected Walker Elementary and Amy’s project as one of the Bicentennial Schools.  I had a proud husband moment as she along with other representatives from schools in Alabama District 4 stood on the Old Alabama House of Representatives Floor and had their photo taken with Governor Ivey. The press conference and presentations were a great experience.

Saturday I helped Amy in her classroom (school starts tomorrow). There was a table to assemble, copies to run, back-to-school packets to assemble, and a computer, Elmo, and projector to connect and test. (Amy just called, I need to pick up a couple of things at the hardware store for her classroom. ) From there we drove up to Amy’s parents’ house and spent the afternoon with them.

Sunday at Central we started a new series on Rethinking Church and the lesson was “What / Who is the Church?”. Please pray that this series is beneficial to our congregation as we look to restore faith, righteousness, and worship. While at worship we learned that the sister of one of our members passed away. She is also the grandmother of another member.

Yesterday, I drove the church mini-bus and a few others to that funeral. Sister Frankie Wyers lived 98 years (1920 – 2018). I thought about all the technological, transportation, and fashion changes she witnessed in her life. What her family shared at the funeral painted a picture of a woman of God who loved her physical family and her forever family of faith.

Yesterday I read a friend’s post about the death of his toddler aged grandson. His daughter is the same age as my son (21) and is dealing with the loss of her little boy. I cannot imagine the pain she and her husband are suffering. I have been a part of funerals of babies and toddlers and they are never easy.

I suppose this is a typical week for many. Good news and sad news all mixed together, adventures, work, and more lining up ahead and behind.

What stands out to me is that in less than a week death touched my life through three different families. Three people in different walks of life passed way. Three people whose ages were 1 to 98 are no longer living in this world. Three families who connect with me in three different ways lost a loved one. Death is a part of our fallen world. Death comes to all people. The Hebrew penman confirms that we will all face death (Heb 9:27). My thoughts today are: Am I ready? Are you ready?

What if today were the day that we faced judgment? Could you face eternity with confidence?


4 thoughts on “For Everyone

  1. The life of a preacher is great and joyous, but also fraught with weeks and months like what you have mentioned in the article. Death is the great equalizer. And we must prepare! Thank you for what you do as you prepare the church to do what it must do. I would love to get the sermon series on “RETHINKING CHURCH.” I am preaching and have been preaching on it all this year. Stressing the kingdom, the bride of Christ and how she must be prepared; How the church deals with her problems and striving to emphasize her need to evangelize. The more I see it, the more I think the Lord wants us to keep busy teaching the lost, and if we keep our focus on that, while we will still have problems, we will overcome them more if everyone is united on this work he gave us to do. While we cannot and do not save anyone, we must let the gospel have its work in the world. I appreciate you and your work, and hope to meet one day. Thank you brother, Tommy Tidwell


    • I am writing the lessons as I go and my direction my change. I will try to remember to get the outlines to you. I would love to see your lessons on the church. Thanks for sharing the message of the Kingdom.

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