What is the Time?

Does anybody really know that time it is?

Chicago was not the first to ask that question, nor will I be the last. Time passes from sunrise to sunset and our life seems to vanish away like the morning fog.

Using a calendar, we begin to see how little time we have. Consider this: if you live to be 80 years old, that is 29,220 days. I will be 52 about 194 days. That means I have approximately 10,421 days left, if you are 65 you have less than 5,500 days until you are 80.

Today occurs once then it is gone, along with all it’s opportunities. Today never existed before and will never come again. God gave me today in His mercy (Psa 118:24) what will I do with God’s gift? Will I (will you) . . .

1. Consider the path of your life?
2. Act in service to God and others?
3. Work that I might bless another (Eph 4:28)?
4. Will I rejoice with the rejoicing and weep with those in tears?
5. Will I make the most of today’s unique opportunities redeeming the time I have for God’s glory?

What will you do with today?

– Scott

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