Four L’s of Marriage

The Four L's of MarriageThirty-three days. I cannot believe that thirty-three days will be what it is. In thirty-three days Amy and I will celebrate our 29th Wedding Anniversary. Somehow that does not seem possible. Twenty-nine years have flown by. Thinking about our anniversary, the years gone by and the years to come, I began looking through some marriage material. While looking through a file of old articles and notes I came across notes on these Four L’s of Marriage.

  1. LIFT each other up. Lift each other up spiritually and emotionally. This requires spending time together talking about your day, your emotions, your struggles, and your successes. Remember, “Two are better than one . . .” (Eccl 4:9-10)
  2. LEAVE and cleave. Not only do we leave the oversight of our parents, we also need to leave behind old habits of being single to help bring us together. We leaven behind a selfish thinking and behaviors, and consider how to contribute to the other person’s happiness. (Matt 15:5).
  3. LEARN about each other. We enter marriage ignorant. We think we know each other, but most of us only know relatively little about our wife or husband when we first create that union. This is true of our emotional make-up, our likes and dislikes, how we handle certain situations, and more. There is a lot of fun in learning more and more about each other. I think Paul hints at this School of Marriage in Ephesians 5:21-33.
  4. LOVE. You did not think I would leave out love did you? Paul says love is greater than faith and hope (1Co 13:13). Love is what brings couples together in the first place. In the words of Captain and Tennille, “Love Will Keep us Together.” Or as Pablo Cruise sang, “Love Will Find A Way.” Love Learns about the other person, about their wants and desires, and seeks to meet them. Love Leaves behind what would damage the relationship and brings to the table what sustains and heals. Love Lifts the other up.

What other L’s might you add to this list?


8 thoughts on “Four L’s of Marriage

  1. Listen to each other’s needs/wants.
    Lean on each other when the difficult times come.
    Learn from your mistakes and admit your wrongs.
    Very good blog Scott.

  2. LOOK for ways to encourage, thank, and brag about your spouse.
    LET GO of petty things that bug you and embrace the uniqueness of your spouse.

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