Two Doors Down, again

ImageI occasionally leave the radio off while I drove to my study in the morning.  This gives me a few moments of quiet to reflect.  But wouldn’t you know it, an old song that I do not even like will start running through my head.  One like this, “Two doors down they’re laughing and singing and having a party . .  ”  Then Dolly Pardon sings, ” . . . two doors down they’re not aware that I’m around.”  I wonder, who lives two doors down from me?

To my east two doors down is a family with a boat and a storm shelter.  Two doors to my west is well I don’t know that we have met.  Immediately to my east is the family who lost their father to cancer last year. He left behind a family.  Immediately to my west is a small family whose father is a local police officer. Across the road from me lives another police officer with a different department.

At my house we celebrate that we have salvation through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are having a party – daily!  What about my neighbors?  Will I invite them to our party?  Or will they think think of me like Dolly Pardon sang of her neighbors, ” . . . they’re not aware that I’m around!”

N. W. Spencer wrote,

“There are hung’ring souls who cry aloud for bread

With the bread of life they’re longing to be fed.

Shall they starve and famish

While a feast is spread?

I must be more faithful

Here am I send me.”

Who are your neighbors tow doors down? Will you invite them to the feast?


p.s. Long time readers of The Morning Drive may notice that I posted a earlier version of this a few years ago. I have moved since then and have new neighbors.

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