What a Day, Glorious Day!

area wideActually what a great two days. Saturday and Sunday were Family Weekend for Tide4Christ, a campus ministry that is a part of the mission work at Central Church of Christ. Saturday ended with a meal for our students and their parents. I am not sure how many tables were originally set up, but they had to set up four more when everyone showed up.  I estimate that we fed at between 150-175 people that evening.

Those events turned into a great Sunday morning at Central. Many of the parents stayed over night and joined us for worship. University students lead most of our worship and Will Sharp (the Campus Minister) delivered a great lesson reminding us to choose God over being a child of the world. It was wonderful to worship with over 450 that morning as we joined in the Lord’s Super, spent time in prayer, learned about our walk with God in Christ, and blended our voices in praise to God.

Yesterday concluded with a combined worship assembly for at least 8 churches of Christ in the Tuscaloosa area. More than 700 (I think the count was 720) gathered at The Bama Theatre. We joined in songs of praise, times of prayer, and learned from God’s word in an assembly that lasted 90 minutes with most of that time spent lifting our voices in song. It was a great night.

And wait until I tell you about our Men’s retreat this weekend and the youth event I am also attending . . .


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