A Morning Prayer


Dear God, Creator of all mankind,

Thank You for this day. Help us to use the opportunities and events of today for Your glory. Help us to share Your grace and mercy in our dealings with those around us.

This weekend many will be travelling. Some will travel to see family. Some will travel for pleasure, Some will travel for business. Others will travel to religious and church events. Please, keep them safe. Help the ones who are driving or piloting a vehicle stay alert to their surroundings.

This weekend many in the world will think if You. They will think about the events that lead Your Son to the cross and will recall the empty tomb. Hel these memories lean them to return to you if they have left and to dedicate their lives to You. Thank you for the victory the resurrection promises. Thank you for salvation in Christ; salvation from the wrath to come.

Many of Your creation are suffering. Some with physical illness, some with physical disabilities. Some are hurting because of the abuse given them by others. Some are suffering because of their economic situation. Some pains are visible and some are emotional, buried deep inside. Please help Your people to show compassion and help where they can. Please be with the suffering and those who watch over them.

In Jesus name.

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