Respect the Warnings

typorama (4)On May 18, 1980 Harry Truman died. Now, you might realize that President Truman has died in 1972.  But I’m not talking about Harry S. Truman, the president, but Harry R. Truman, the stubborn old resident who refused to leave his lodge by Spirit Lake in Washington, near Mt. St. Helens, despite orders from the sheriff’s department.

At 8:32 that Sunday morning, the volcano blew its stack with a force equal to 500 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. It devastated the landscape for miles around, and several people perished, including Harry Truman. Today a bronze and stone monument stands on top of hundreds of feet of ash and debris covering Mr. Truman’s lodge, and, presumably, his body.

Harry certainly had ample warning. A mini-eruption occurred two months prior to the big one. In addition, scientists cautioned that frequent earthquakes and the bulging mountainside meant a major eruption was imminent. But not even letters from a Clearlake Elementary School class (near Salem, OR) could persuade him to leave his home. If he saw the mountain erupting, he assured the children, he would run. When the moment came, however, there was neither time nor a place to run.

  • How many times did God warn His people through the prophets, but they refused to listen?
  • How many times did He pleaded with them to repent of their worldliness and idolatry, but they continued to serve the Baals, Dagon, etc?
  • How many warnings does God give in His New Covenant that Jesus will return to claim His faithful and punish the evil (cf. 2 Thess 1:7-10)?
  • Will we listen?
  • Will you and I make the necessary arrangements for the Day of Judgement?


One thought on “Respect the Warnings

  1. Having visited and hiked around Mt. St. Helens, this story rings true about how we are to be prepared for our own day of Judgment. And sadly, the Bible assures us that the penalty for not following God will be far worse than the destruction at Mt. St. Helens.

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