Dear Hollywood

HollywoodDisclaimer: I have tried not to write this post this morning. I have tried to talk myself out of it. I tried thinking about other things as I was driving to the study. But I failed.

Last night Amy and I watched part of the Golden Globes and I learned a few things. First, I am way out of the loop on what is showing at the movie theatre and what is on TV. The shows and movies that were winning were some I have never heard of. Next, I learned that clothing coverage is optional. I also learned that I have something to say to the actors, writers, producers, directors, studio executives, and anyone else in the entertainment industry. If you agree, please pass it along.

Dear Hollywood,

Thank you. Thank you for standing up against bullying last night. Thank you for the extension of the “Me Too” campaign by stating “Time’s Up.” Sexual harassment needs to stop, it never should have started. Thank you for wearing black to protest the gender pay gap, people in all walks of life should receive fair pay. Now put your money where your mouth is and get busy to affect real change.

Stop producing, directing, writing, and acting in movies and shows that glorify sexual immorality. By doing so you will change the environment that promotes sexual harassment.  Stop awarding shows that promote sexual immorality in all forms. Why not give an award to a show whose main male character refused the advances of a woman whom he was not married too? A woman who then ruined him after he refused her. Who is the victim and who is guilty of harassment in that scene? Oh, wait, that does not fit the current media storyline, even if it does sell tickets. 

If you want equal pay for equal work, refuse to work until the pay is equalized. Men, you can turn down the larger salaries. Wait, I have a better idea, set a pay cap and then all other revenue can go to homeless shelters, domestic violence programs, toward increasing the salaries of law enforcement officers, fireman, teachers, and those who really provide services and benefit our society and not just entertain us. I personally find it deplorable when an actor or actress who makes millions of dollars for one movie complains about pay when teachers, police, firemen, the military and others are barely making ends meet. 

I have something to say to the women of Hollywood; If you want to stop being seen as objects stop presenting yourself as an object. Stop taking the roles that put you in that position and stop wearing gowns designed to present you as an object and not a person. And while I am sounding prudish (a good word whose roots are in the context of wisdom) there is nothing glamorous, attractive, humorous, or manly about language that has to be edited out during time delay.

-Scott McCown

p.s. If you want responsible journalism and press, if you want the average person to respect the press, please note that there is a difference between printing and speaking “your truth” and publishing THE TRUTH. 

9 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood

  1. I did not watch the awards last night, in fact, I never watch those shows. If Hollywood would read and apply what you wrote in your blog, just think how much good it would do for our children! I am happy to share this!

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  3. you have got to be kidding me – is this satire – are you mocking patriarchal, right-wing, fundamentalists? or ….are you…..I am thinking that as a public service I will contact teenage girls in your church and warn them that if they are ever sexually abused in your church they should go immediately to the police and a private attorney before you get a chance to blame them for – in your words – “presenting yourself as an object”

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