Why I Do What I Do

IMG_0254I am a minister, a preacher, and an evangelist. That is what I do. I spend my week studying from the Bible and various sources in order to share two or three messages a week with others. I spend time each week studying or contemplating what to share with you that will encourage you in your walk with God. I talk with people and listen to their stories. That is who I am that is what I do.

As a new year begins, I thought I would share with you a few reasons I love what I do.

  1. I get to spend time in God’s word.
  2. I am surrounded by great people.
  3. My best friends are elders, deacons, ministers, & Christians.
  4. My schedule is flexible.
  5. A bad day is still a blessed day.
  6. My weaknesses do not diminish God’ Word and His power.
  7. I am privileged to share God’s Word with others.
  8. I get to see people dedicate and rededicate their lives to God.
  9. People share their joys and sorrows with me.
  10. I have a wife who stands beside me, and although her occupation is stressful, she supports me and helps me.


2 thoughts on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. Heartily agree with all 10, Scott. I was met in the parking lot just today by a homeless man who was looking for clothing. We have a clothing “pantry” of sorts…and our custodian took him there to see if we had anything he could use.
    Ministry is a wondrous blessing, stressful though it may be at times

    • Maybe I have been fortunate to be in great churches (3 in 29 years of fulltime work) but when I look at the stress of other occupations like paramedics, business owners, teachers, police, and more I have no reason to ever complain about a stressful work environment. I can easily take a day off when sick or when a child is sick. I can rearrange my study schedule to be a school events.

      Other professions may have retirement programs, health insurance, and other benefits you or I may not, but our occupation brings so many greater blessings and benefits.

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