AnticipationI heard one of the school age children (middle school) say to their peers, “I can’t wait until we are out for Christmas!” Our college students are saying, “We can’t wait until finals are over.”

Waiting. Waiting is nothing new.

  • Adam had to wait for God to create a companion for him.
  • Noah had to wait over a century while he built the ark for the rains to come.
  • He had to wait for the water to recede once the rain stopped.
  • After not waiting for God, Abraham finally waited for God to provide and heir.
  • Jacob waited to see if Esau was still angry.
  • David waited for Saul’s reign to end before taking power.
  • Elijah waited in caves for the Lord to speak.
  • Israel and Judah waited for the Messiah to come.

What are you and I waiting for? Spiritually we are waiting for Christ to return so that we can be with Him eternally (1 Thess 4:13ff; 2 Pet 3:10-15).

Bonus Thoughts:

We need to learn this concept of waiting and apply it to our temporal life.

  • I can wait to make that purchase until I can afford it.
  • You can wait for sexual intimacy as a part of marriage.
  • I can have patience with you and with myself as we individually and collectively mature in Christ (1 Thess 5:14).


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