12 Bible Study Hacks

IMG_0254Do you want to study the Bible? Do you know you need to study it more regularly? Do you want your Bible study to become more authentic and practical? Here are twelve life-hacks to improve your Bible Study.

  1. Put your Bible in an easily accessible place. Put it next to the couch or your favorite chair. Place it on the nightstand. Put your Bible where you can see it and reach it.
  2. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to read the Bible and to pray. Are you an early bird? Set aside time in the morning before anyone else is up. Are you a night owl? Set aside time late at night when everyone else has gone to bed.
  3. Join or start a Bible reading club or study group. This group can be at a home or a Bible class at the Church. Having others to talk with about what you are studying helps you learn.
  4. Study one book of the Bible at a time. A good study Bible will have outlines of each book or you can buy good outline books to help you. Know Your Bible by Frank Dunn is a good example of an outline book.
  5. Study the Bible by topics.  Use a concordance or a chain reference Bible to get help reading texts that deal with similar themes.
  6. Have a Bible encyclopedia or dictionary nearby to help with background  context or words you are not familiar with or just want to know more about. Many are now available online or with free Bible software for you computer or apps for your tablet or phone.
  7. Write your thoughts or notes in the margin of your Bible. When you are reading that section or passage again, the notes will remind you of what you are learning.
  8. Ask what the original audience or people in the story learned. Paul was writing to Christians living under the Caesars. What did they learn from Paul concerning their responsibility and loyalty to these leaders who often violently opposed Christianity?
  9. Put yourself in the story and think about how you would react or respond to the events or message. You will find the people in the Bible are not too dissimilar from people today.
  10. Journal what you learn. Pencil lead, ink, or digital journals have a much better memory that you or I do. Well, as long as I remember where I put my journal or where I saved that file . . .
  11. Apply the lesson you  learn to your daily life. Studying the Bible just to memorize a few verses or facts has no value. If we hear (read) and do not apply (do) what the Bible teaches, then Jesus would say we are like the foolish man who builds a house without a foundation.
  12. Spend time in prayer talking with God about what you are learning and asking Him to help you make the application to your life. Tell Him your needs, desires, and about your willingness to serve Him.


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