Time with God

1Ti 2-1-2Yesterday evening we changed our normal routine at Central. Normally, we have a song, a few announcements, a prayer for the sick and the work at Central, a devotional thought, another song and then we dismiss to mid-week Bible classes. This usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Yesterday, we spent extra time in prayer. We had a few men from cross-sections of the congregation to lead us in specific prayers.

  1. We prayed for all the sick and shut-ins listed in our announcement sheet and the additional ones announced last night.  We prayed for them by name.
  2. We prayed for the United States and her national leaders.  We prayed they would focus on solutions to the problems we face. We prayed they look for wisdom from God.
  3. We prayed for the victims and survivors of violence in our nation. We specifically prayed for those in Antioch, Tennessee and Las Vegas, Nevada. We prayed for those who commit and consider violence that they would find help and not act out violently.
  4. We prayed for those impacted by natural disasters. We prayed for Mexico, the Gulf Coast states and Atlantic states, for Puerto Rico. We prayed for those helping in recovery efforts including those restoring utilities. We prayed for our ability to help those suffering.
  5. We prayed for our world, a world that has seen conflict and war throughout history. We prayed that we might be a light of peace and love. We prayed for those that work in war-torn nations to restore people’s lives and to provide help.
  6. We prayed for God’s people at Central, for the love we have as a family. We prayed for the elders, deacons, teachers, ministers, the church secretary, and every member. We prayed for continued unity and love.
  7. We prayed for Tuscaloosa, Northport, and the surrounding area. We prayed for our leaders, the police, fire and rescue workers, for all first responders. We prayed for the citizens of this area and for the students who call this area home while they are here.

We spent more than thirty minutes in prayer. I left the building last night lifted up. Thank you to all the men who led these prayers.  I continue, even as I was writing this, to “amen” and repeat the requests we made to God last night.

Will you join us in these prayers? Keep praying.


2 thoughts on “Time with God

  1. Good morning Scott…It is such a joy to get your “Morning Drive” devotional each day. Our brother who led us in prayer last night apologized after his prayer for going so long, but he said he had a lot on his heart. I turned to him and said, “don’t apologize for your prayer, it was just fine.” I appreciate you brethren taking the time to pray for so many, as there is indeed, no shortage of “things or people” to pray for and about…

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