Bow With Me, Please

20111206-072603.jpgDear Father of mankind,

I do not know what to pray.

My thoughts are reeling from the news that a woman lost her life exiting her place of worship. My heart is breaking and I pray for her family and the family of the six other Christians and attendees who were injured by the lone gunman. I pray for the shooter, I do not know what motivated this man who has worshipped with that church in the past and who has been in this nation for nearly 30 years. I pray that he repents of his actions and whatever hate or frustration motivated his actions.

Bring peace to our communities. Help Your church to be the light we are supposed to be. Help us to keep hate out of our hearts even as we do what we can to protect our congregations and families.

I know that our home is not in this world, that our citizenship is in heaven. Yet, this is where we live now. And now is a frightening age. Help us to be strong and courageous. Help us to not live in fear, put in power, love, and of self control.

I know you understand our struggle. Please be with us.

In Jesus’ Name.

One thought on “Bow With Me, Please

  1. This congregation in about 50 miles from me. Our elders started having all doors locked when Sunday school started. This started about a year ago. We have a man in the lobby to watch the main door.we had some complaints but I think they have changed their outlook now. Such a heartbreaking event.

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