Thank You, God

Morning Prayer

Will you join me in a morning prayer?



Dear Father, Creator, Sustainer, Law Giver, and Judge of mankind,

Thank You for loving me. Thank you for giving me opportunity and after opportunity to return to You. I know that I am not always the person I should be. I know that sometimes – no many times – I have put my desires, my goals, and my plans above You. I am sorry. I want Christ to be my life.  I want every decision I make and every path I take to be in Christ. But sometimes I forget. Sometimes, I get in the way. Thank You for forgiving me.

As I begin today, this day is Yours. Help me to crucify my desires, my hurts, my agenda, my life for You today. Today, I die to myself anew so that I can be Your agent in the world.

Thank You for Your people, the Church. Thank you for the encouragement they are to me and the way that they challenge me to be more loving and to be more active in Your service. Give each member the strength they need to be faithful to You today. We are not always the people You desire us to be, but we long to be. Forgive our shortcomings and help us to grow closer to You and to become the light You desire us to be.

I pray for my nation. I pray for healing of the many things that divide us: racial tensions, political fighting, regional differences, immigration, social welfare issues, crime, addictions, as well as the influence of Satan on culture and the Church. Please be with our leaders in every branch of government and in any political affiliation. Help them to search their hearts and truly focus on the needs of the people of this nation and what is truly best for the citizens of this nation. Help them to lean on Your Word for guidance. Help them to first live a moral life and then to enact laws and put policy into place that help foster a spirit of morality in our nation.

I pray for the world. We are a selfish creation. We each think we have the answer to how the world should be. We each consider our way the best way. But our ways fail. They always have, they always will. It is not in man or a nation of mankind to direct their own path. We fail when we do not consider You and Your Word.

Thank You, Father for Your Grace, for the Good News that saves us from wrath through the blood of Jesus Christ. Help me to live in that Grace and to teach others the Good News.

In Jesus’ Name.

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