Back to School – Again

TIMEThe last few weeks mark the restart of school.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter became host to first day of school pictures as well as the obligatory post from High School Seniors, “This is my last first day of high school – yay me!”

The blogsphere also contained “Back-to-School,” “Wow, children Grow up Fast,” “Where did the Time Go?,” and “Now that Our Nest is Empty” posts.  I read more than a few with interest and reflection since Andrew is a Junior in college . . . time does move quickly.

All of this hullabaloo brings to my mind the old debate of quality time verses quantity time.  You remember the arguments. “If you spend a large QUANTITY of time with your children then quality time happens by default at some point.” Or “You cannot spend hours with your children every day so make sure the time you do spend is of high QUALITY.  Make the time count.”

No matter which “Q” you line-up with (pun intended for my British friends), child-rearing still has much to do with TIME.

  • T – Togetherness:  Be with your children.  Play games with them.  Study with them.  Watch TV with them.  Walk (run) with them.
  • I – Invest:  Invest in your children.  Involve yourself in their lives.  Participate with them in activities you can both enjoy.  Attend their events (athletic competitions, musical events, scholar events, etc.)
  • M-Mentor: Train them.  Guide them through their physical and emotional growth.  Demonstrate what adulthood, marriage, and parenting should be.  Live a healthy work ethic in front of them.
  • E-Educate:  Parents, remember that we are our children’s first and primary teachers (I said this last Tuesday).  Teach your children to love learning and reading.  Teach them what they need to know to be responsible and productive adults.  That includes their spiritual and classical education.


Bonus video: Cat’s in the Cradle:


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