Young People These Days . . .

millennialsYoung people these days . . . I feel old just writing those words. Those words are typically followed by some derogatory remark about their laziness, weak work ethic, voting pattern, how easy they have it compared to the previous generation, or something similar. My parents heard this from their parents’ generation, I heard it from my parents’ generation, and my son hears it from my generation. I suppose the generation after him will hear something similar.

Young people these days . . .

Let me tell you about a few I follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I wont call them by name or by their usernames, but these are real young people – millennials.

  1. There is the preacher. He is a young man with a young family. He is at a small congregation and he and his wife have a small business to help supplement their income. They also are adopting two children in addition to their three biological children. (All between diapers and early elementary school)
  2. There is the writer. He is working on a graphic novel, actually it is available online. It is a story about a young hero and his adventures. He writes, while helping his parents with his siblings and their adopted siblings. He also travels to small churches to preach, teach classes, or just be there to support he work they are doing.
  3. There is the EMT. This young person is dedicating their life to save the laves of others. All while trying to raise a small family. Their life is focused on service.
  4. There is the Criminal Justice Major who is currently in college, but looking forward to graduation and already contacting law enforcement agencies about opportunities to serve and protect.
  5. There is the young man in the USAF, soon to be married and soon to do a tour overseas. His soon-to-be bride spends her days teaching small children.
  6. There is the Law Student who motivated a campus ministry and congregation to get behind an effort to bring fresh water to small third world villages and saving the lives of families and children.
  7. There is the teacher. She wants to be a part of the future of our country. She will never make a lot of money, but she will impact hundreds of children. Her efforts in the classroom will provide the workforce of tomorrow, she will give the work the doctors, politicians, and entrepreneurs needed to keep society flourishing.
  8. There are more. They are nurses, medical technicians, coaches, active duty military, national guards, campus ministers, youth ministers, preachers, medical students, construction workers, assistant managers and managers at fast-food restaurants, and the list goes on.

But I see a theme in these young people today. Maybe I follow a special group, but they all have a strong sense of community. They all have a desire to serve others. For the most part, they are not seeking the six-figure salaries. These young people today are seeking to make a difference.

I for one salute you.

I for one thank you.



Volunteering at a food bank


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