What Distracts You?

here i amToday’s blog is an inquiry from my brother, Doug McCown, who serves as an elder in the congregation were he attends. I’ll add my answer(s) and his to below the question and let you add yours as comments.

Please think about your worship to God…what things distract you?

Please keep these comments focused on the actions and not on any particular person. (i.e. Don’t say, “Doug never buttons his top button when he wears a tie, so it gets crooked.” instead say, “crooked ties and unbuttoned top buttons really distract me from worship.)

Doug’s answer: One of the most distracting things to me is “bathroom calls or water breaks” during a short one-hour service. Obviously, I can easily dismiss these issues with children under 5 and elderly with incontinence – but others distract me. It is especially true when I can predict the exact time in worship that this will occur. What do I do to prevent this from being a distraction??? I try to avert my eyes, but I have already been distracted. I try not to think about it – and it often works and allows me to refocus.

Scott’s answer: 1. Internal distractions of my thoughts. These may concern things I think I need to get done or things I forgot to do. As a preaching minister, sometimes I am distracted toward what I am about to say when I should be focused on the song, prayer, sacrifice of Christ, etc. To get re-focused requires me to “pinch” myself internally and concentrate on what is going on at that moment in worship

2. External distractions for me tend to be adults and older children who should have better control, getting up too frequently to refresh or relieve themselves. Again as a preacher, this is not fair to me, I cannot leave for the restroom during my own sermon ;-).

Well what about you?


4 thoughts on “What Distracts You?

  1. I know people have to leave, but it’s the ones that are trying to get a jump on the crowd by walking out during the Invitation song … or worse, those that come back in during the Invitation song! I’m more aware of movement during that time than any other.

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