When Preachers Get Together

Have you have wanted to be a fly on the wall when the minister (preacher) of your congregation gets together with other preachers?  Recently, I was able to catch up with a group of ministers (I showed up late) for an on camera talk.  Dale Jenkins (Spring Meadows Church of Christ, Spring Hill TN) invited Joey Sparks (Parrish Church of Christ, Parrish, AL), Chris Pressnell (Flint Church of Christ, Decatur, AL), Chuck Webster (Hoover Church of Christ, Hoover, AL), and me (Scott McCown, Central Church of Christ, Tuscaloosa, AL) to sit down with him and talk about ministry and life.

WARTNING: You will really get to know something about preachers if you watch this video.

Thanks to The Jenkins Institute for inviting me to be a part of this conversation:


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