Christianity on Social Media

EtiquetteRoxanne and Chris (the on air personalities on WDJC 93.7) asked the following question this morning: “Do you think we need social media etiquette for Christians? How should believers showcase Jesus on-line?”

We all know people who have ranted on Facebook or via 140 characters on Twitter with words that inflame. We all know those who consider themselves Christians who have acted in ways that could easily push people away from God and Truth instead of toward Christ.

Do we need to practice Christ-like etiquette online?

Short answer – Yes!

Longer answer:

Take time to read through the Gospel accounts. Jesus was tender, compassionate, and patient when dealing with most people (the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, etc.). These people were those who were of and in the world. He would tell them things like, “go and sin no more.” But only after they understood his obvious compassion and concern for them. The apostle Paul would call this “speaking the truth in love.”

However, Jesus was more animated and harsh with religious people who opposed God or by their words and actions made a relationship with God a hard thing. (Think about his conversations and seven woes to the Pharisees – Matt 23).

Here are my personal rules:

  1. Remember the Golden Rule and the second greatest command.
  2. Seek to understand the other person’s point of view.
  3. Find areas or points you can agree with (Jesus does this when he speaks the seven churches of Asia – Rev 2-3).
  4. When you disagree do so with civility.


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