Taking Control


Our word for last week was Self-Control. A lack of self-control is the beginning of our individual downfall. Not being n control of my desires and actions can destroy me, by relationships, and my family. This irresponsibility can and does destroy homes, churches, and negatively impacts nations. We need to get a grip on ourselves. I must take control of me.

Peter shows us the example of Jesus (1Pet 2:21-24). He had all the power of God. He had all the supernatural abilities. He could speak and his enemies would be destroyed. A word from His lips and his accusers are silenced forever. Yet, Christ chooses to suffer. He chooses to remain silent. He exercises great self-control.

I must take control of me.

How can I take control of me?

  1. Live life with a purpose greater than yourself. As a child of God, one greater purpose is to live to please God. (2Cor 5:9)
  2. Live life with discipline. Athletes train physically, watch their diet, practice, etc. We need similarly to train our spiritual muscles. (1Co 9:25-27)
  3. Live life for Christ. Paul says Christ is our life (Col 3:4) and we are to work for Him in all that we do. (Col 3:23-24)

I must take control of me.


2 thoughts on “Taking Control

  1. I’ve had students tell me that they cannot behave in class because they didn’t have their medicine that morning! It’s a shame that children learn at such an early age to deflect blame onto something or someone else. I’ve always told them that even thought their medicine helps, they can still exert some self-control over their lives if they want to.

  2. Thank you for teaching the children of our country. I appreciate, more than you know, Christians who dedicate their lives to teaching children in both public and private school settings. Although as a public school teacher, certain statutes may limit what you can teach, you can still teach moral principles and lifestyle without “preaching” and by your lifestyle and by your love, they will know more about Christ than they would if you were not the teacher and example you are to them.

    Thank you again. Keep up the great and honorable work that you do.

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