Will You Pray with Me?

jer-29-7Dear Father in Heaven,

Although, my citizenship, my home, and my heart is in heaven with You, this morning the nation of my birth and in which I live is on my mind. We seem to be, not a nation of states united, but a group of individuals and special interests divided. This division gives me cause for concern. This division has grown steadily over the last 8 to 10 years and I fear we are at a loss as to how to bring us back together.

Please, help us to learn to listen to each other. Help us to learn from each other. Help us all to look to what is true and good and right. Help us as individuals to look to Your Word for guidance for our individual lives and to help others learn to do the same. Return us to a spirit of love and trust as we search for what is right for all people no matter their nationality or background. Help us remember that You care for the sojourner, the outcast, the downtrodden, the innocent both born and unborn, and yes – the refugee. Help us to recall Your love for us when we were not so different from those we now argue against.

I pray for our leaders; for the local mayors and town councils, for our governors and state legislators, and for our President, congress, and justices. I pray that they will set aside any personal agenda, any personal pride, and hatred or distrust and will work to unite this nation around the common cause of caring for our citizens from the least to the greatest as well as for the hurting of the world, where we can safely have an influence.

I pray for our military men and women and the role that they play in protecting our national interests and promoting freedom throughout the world.  I pray of our law enforcement officers, for their safety and that they can be the conservators of peace that they train to be and that they can help keep our communities safe.

Please, help those of our communities that are hurting whether physically, financially, or emotionally. Help them find the comfort and help they need. Help us fight our sense of entitlement and learn to be humble. Help us learn to submit to one another and more importantly to submit to You.

In Jesus’ name,

2 thoughts on “Will You Pray with Me?

  1. Amen. Though I’d point out that when I returned to the States in 2002, it was shocking to me to see the new atmosphere in the U.S. At the time I attributed it to talk radio and cable news, though I now think they were only symptoms of the problem.

    Was it the disputed election in 2000? The fear created by the 2001 attacks? Or does the problem go back even further? I’m not sure. But what we’re seeing today has been building for a long time, much longer than ten years.

    • I think 24 hour news, social media, and the open-lifestyle of celebrities are all contributing factors.

      24 hour news seeks ratings and will sensationalize and polarize to do just that. I saw this in the 90’s when Clinton was in office. I see it now.
      Social media allows people to voice their opinions too easily and without the context of non-verbal communication. I think that leads to misunderstanding and not listening.
      Celebrities and their lifestyle has always been a topic in gossip rags, but the more “we” read what they were doing in their lives, the more we slowly began to accept that lifestyle and become comfortable with it even in our neighbors and family. I recall how appalled my grandparents were that Ronald Reagan became President when he was divorced (he was the first divorce President). I find it interesting that the Left was more concerned with President Turmp’s multiple wives than the supposedly conservative Right.

      I suppose there are a number of factors in our current political and moral divide.

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