By Grace

grace.pngAs I am working on this Sunday’s message about God’s grace I am finding and culling material.  This little tidbit won’t be in the lesson, but I thought it worth sharing with you.

A man awoke one morning after having a dream that disturbed him. When his wife asked what he dreamed, he related it: “I dreamed that I died but could not pass through the Pearly Gates because Peter said I had to have 1,000 points to my credit. He asked me to relate my record of religious activity on earth. I said, ‘I attended church services every Sunday.’ He said, ‘Good, that’s worth 50 points.’ Then I added, ‘I visited the sick some.’ He said, ‘Good, that’s 50 points. What else did you do?’ I said, ‘I gave to good causes.’ He replied, ‘That’s another 50 points.’ I said, ‘My points are not adding up very fast. The way you are counting them, I honestly believe that if I get to heaven at all, it’ll be totally by the grace of God.’ Peter replied, ‘That’s great. Learning that is worth 1,000 points by itself!’

Come to think of it we are saved by grace through faith not by our own merit (Eph 2:8-10).


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