Nobody Said it was Easy


Image: Flikr

I read recently about the African Hornbill Bird. The father bird seals up his mate before she lays eggs. He does leave a space only large enough for her beak so he can pass food and water to her. He then works non-stop to feed her and four chicks. When mom and young birds break free from nest, the father is dead from exhaustion.  Dads, how hard do we work to care for our family?

1. Dads Protect. Learning from the Heavenly Father – Psa 91:1-4, 14-16.

2. Dads Teach. God gives specific instruction for this point – Deut 6:7, 20; Prov 22:6.

3. Dads Model – Parents cannot avoid influencing their children (for good or bad). Make your model a positive one and not like the people of Amos’ day – Amos 2:4.

How hard do you work to Protect, Teach, and Model for your family?


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