“Gracias, Dios”

20Gracias, Dios; Thank You, Lord

This morning as I drove through the early light of the day the sun was only just breaking the horizon in the east. I drove with for a little while with the windows in my truck rolled down. I felt he crisp air that promises the arrival of cooler temperatures in days to come. Thank You, God for another day and the changing of the seasons.

Yesterday, I walked outside the house and listened to the sounds around me; neighborhood dogs barking, lawnmowers and leaf blowers humming, the sound of traffic on the highway, a siren in the background – I stopped to pray for the unknown emergency – I heard the rustle of branches and a bird moved through a tree, and I heard that bird sing. I watched a wasp searching for a home. Thank You, Lord for the nature around me, for my neighbors, and the tools of our lives.

I texted with Andrew, our son; our only child, this week. I am grateful for the good choices he is making. I am thankful for the young man that he is. I have a loving and supportive wife in Amy. I am not exaggerating when I say, I could not and would not be who I am without her. She is the reason for the best in me. I am grateful for her, her love and support. Thank You, God for my immediate family.

Family. There is a larger family around me. My parents, my brothers (for the time we had with Charles) and their wives, my nieces and nephews along with their spouses and children (those who are married), Amy’s parents, Amy’s sister and family are all a blessing. We are blessed to be able to spend time with them through out the year. Each one of these people brings joy to my life. Thank You, God for my extended family.

There is another family. The family that carries Your name, Lord. My brothers and sisters in Christ. They are scattered in many assemblies, Tidwell Chapel, Double Springs, Midway, Sixth Avenue, Niceville, Bay Minette, Calhoun, West Hill (Gateway), Leonard Street, Parrish, and Central are just a few of the congregations that mean so much to me. Some are from when I was young, some are from my college years, some are from Amy’s youth, some are places that repeatedly invite me to be with them, and some are places where I served along side of them in God’s kingdom. Each is a part of who I am. Each is a part of my spiritual family. Thank You, God for these wonderful Christian brothers and sisters.

My life is not perfect. Problems, hardships, and heartaches occur. Storms come. Disease and death knock on our doors and spend time with our families. But God is faithful. He walks with me through the tough times and are there to comfort me when I am down. Thank You, Lord for sustaining me.

I am not perfect. I fail to live up to the standard set before me. I speak when I should listen, run when I should walk with caution, sit when I should stand, and hold my tongue when I should defend the Faith. I give in to selfish behaviors and put myself in God’s place. But God is good; He is Love; He forgives through Christ whom death could not defeat and the grave could not hold. Thank You, God for His sacrifice, for His sinless blood than cleanses the fallen. Thank You, Lord for Grace!

The radio show hosts this morning ask what one thing I WOULD NOT change about my life. I cannot narrow the blessings You give to just one. Thank You, Lord.


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