Kids Today

You hear it all the time. “Kids today.” Adults stating concerns about the future as they look at the youth of today. If we only watch the news, I can see how we can have great concerns. Shootings, protests, and lootings carry top billing. News groups share edited interviews of selected young Americans that seem support our fears.

Kids today are different. They are not you and me. They are making their own choices based on their individual and communal values. Some of that is good. Today’s young adults are buying smaller houses, trying to live on less of their income, all as they try to protect our environment.

I happen to know more than a few in this generation. Yesterday I spent a good bit of the day at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.  The students I cam across were extremely well mannered. They smiled and spoke to me, often asking how my day had been and welcoming me to their school. Yes, my son is a student there, but not everyone who spoke knew that. I was there to drop some things off to Andrew, to get some studying done, and to watch the Marching Eagle Band perform (and I caught a football game too). While at the game a group of students asked if they could sit with me.  I knew a couple of them from my time in Walker County. They talked about classes, churches they have visited, and their planned tips home.

I also know quite a few in Tuscaloosa. Students at the University of Alabama and Shelton State. Nearly 40 of these young Americans are leaving town today for Labor Day Weekend. For many this is the last hoorah of the summer. For these, howerver, as a part of Tide4Christ it is a trip to South Baton Rouge, LA to help with disaster relief in this flooded community.

With compassionate minded and friendly youth like these living and attending universities all over this country – our future can me and is in good hands.


2 thoughts on “Kids Today

  1. I too have some great kids who I get to teach every day at school and others I get to work with in the youth group at church. They are far well-mannered and involved than many adults give them credit for and they have a youthful passion for God that you don’t often see in older Christians nowadays. What many of past generations don’t realize is that they are somewhat responsible for the outcome of the next generation. Feed today’s youth with negativity and pessimism and they’ll live up to that expectation but feed and nurture them with praise, responsibility and respect and they may just surprise you with great things.

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