Thinking of You

I thought about you today.Who ME

Yes, you.

I may not know your name, but I thought about you.

  • You are a single parent trying to get yourself and children out the door for work and school. Just like yesterday, you know you forgot something.
  • You see all these back to school posts, and wish deeply that you had a child you could post pictures of.  You would be a great mom.
  • You have a child, but they are sick, not just stomach virus or cold sick, I mean sick. They have been in and out of hospitals more than anyone should have to bear.
  • You are going to a job you tolerate, that just pays enough for you to almost make ends meet.
  • You are having to decide which bills you will skip this month, just so your family can eat.
  • You are fighting cancer. You do not know how long this battle will be. But you are fighting.
  • You are watching your spouse fight cancer, or your parent.
  • You are (or your spouse is) getting forgetful. This scares you. Dementia and Alzheimer Disease seem to run in your family.
  • You are fighting again. Over little things, but there is something major under the surface. You promised until death, but is this what you signed up for?
  • They left you for someone else. You are questioning your worth. What did you do wrong? Could you have saved the marriage if you just . . .?
  • You lost your job. “Downsizing,” they said. “Early retirement option” or “Voluntary Reduction of Force” they called it. It doesn’t feel voluntary, you are still young and want to work.
  • You were turned down again – for the loan, for a job, for a degree program – rejection is hard to bear.
  • You lost your home, more than a house, there were memories there. You can see what joy in the den 30 years ago when your daughter and her friends had that slumber party. But now the fire, the storm, or the flood took it away. What are you going to do?
  • You wonder if anyone cares.

I care. I thought about you. I don’t know your name. Maybe I do know you, maybe I see you daily or weekly. Maybe I do not know all of your struggles. But I have prayed for you and I know that the Father and Creator knows your name.

Dear Father,Be with those that are hurting today.

I don’t know you, but He does!


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