Good Morning, Lord . . . It is Monday


Dear Father,

Today is Monday.

Yesterday was the day when Your people at Central (as well as many across the globe) gathered to worship You. We sang songs of praise, we sang songs of devotion. We lifted prayers to you to bless our worship, our spiritual family, our nation, and to be with our sick. We studied lessons from Your Word on remembering we are Yours and not our own. We gathered for a memorial and reflected on the sacrifice of the Christ for our sin. That was Sunday.

Today is Monday.

Today we are back at work, back at school or getting ready to return. Today we deal with the world and temptation. Please help us to stay strong.

Today is Monday.

Keep us safe. Give us courage. Let us remember Your Grace and let us remember to show grace to others.

Be with us, Lord. Today is Monday.

In Jesus name.



I pray your week is filled with love, compassion, and grace. Have a great day.



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