Most Important People



Parents are the most important people is society.  I do not think I am exaggerating. Many if not most societal problems result from failures in parenting. Children need training, encouragement, support, and guidelines to feel safe and to give them every advantage to succeed. This starts at home.

As parents we have the most influence on our children.

Do the math. The are 168 hours in a week. You children if they attend school are with their teachers for 35 hours of that week for nine months. If you and your children are active in a typical church and youth program then the church has about 5 hours a week to influence them.  This leaves 128 hours that your children are with you. 128 out of 168 hours is 76% of the week (this is during the school year, during three months of summer, or if they are not yet in school, you have them 163 hours or 97% of the week). You, parent, have the privileged responsibility of providing the majority of training your children.

What will you do with that time?

  1. Provide for them materially. This does not mean buy them the best of everything and anything they want, but provide for their needs.  Paul tells Timothy that those who do not provide for their families are worse than infidels. (1Ti 5:8)
  2. Provide for them spiritually. Godly training starts at home. Teach them about God and model what Christian living is like. (Eph 6:4).
  3. Provide needed discipline.  Children will make mistakes. Children will disobey. Children will push the limits you set and push your buttons in a battle of wills as they spread their wings toward independence. You must discipline them. The Biblical concept of discipline is training. Think of an athlete or musician and the training (discipline) it takes to be their best. Discipline includes instruction, encouragement, correction, and punishment. (Heb 12:5-9)

Parenting is not easy and not for the weak. Even the best of parents become frustrated. But remember the ultimate goal; To bring children up to know and love God and have an active faith in Him.

Having children who succeed in business is good. Having children who excel in academics or music or sports is good. Having children who obey the gospel and to continue to live for the Lord as adults is GREAT!

Helping our children get to heaven is our most important task!

Let me close with a simple question. If you do not like the answer, let me help you learn to answer differently.

If your children follow you to your eternal destination, will you be happy for them?


One thought on “Most Important People

  1. Loved this. There are times I feel that proper parenting is lost as mums and dads are too busy trying to be their children’s friends. Occasionally I will see it being done correctly, though, and I have hope.

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