That’s Me in the Corner

All I can say is, “Wow!” What an awesome time we are living in. We are seeing people actively living their faith and by their example lighting a fire in others.

What am I talking about? What has me so excited? I am GLAD you asked!

After devotional and Bible Classes, I was talking with a parent of school age children. Here were her words, “My children had a ton of homework, I made them stop so we could come to Bible classes tonight. We wil be up late tonight, but I am so glad we came to mid-week.  We all needed the spiritual boost and classes were great.”

Just recently, I overheard a Christian say, “I am so looking forward to worship. I am getting there 20 minutes early so I can get my seat. I know singing will be great, and we will get to partake of communion, and the series the preacher is doing is fantastic. I told so and so, they could come in town this weekend, but we would not be going to the Lake on Sunday because that is when I want good seats at worship.”

Two teens were talking in between classes and I heard one say, “I cannot believe how immodestly our school friends dress. Don’t they know how gross it is to wear tight leggings as pants!” “I know” the other one said, “and the dresses people are buying for prom – they might as well wear nothing.”

On the way out to eat on a recent Sunday afternoon, I heard a parent and teen talking about his sportstained glass schedule. They were talking about how the coaches would understand them missing the tournament for worship. Their conclusion was that sports are fun but God’s people are more important.

As I thought about all that I had witnessed and heard, I became more and more excited to preach, to reach out to others, and to worship God. Then . . . I woke up. It was just a dream.

It is still a dream and it is my dream. A dream where we as Christians realize what is really important. A dream or a time when we truly put God above all things. A dream where we do not just sing, teach, preach, talk about how great Christ is, but a time when we live it.

Will you help my dream come true?



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