Today many Christians in the world look back to the events of the last few hours of Jesus’ life on earth.

Today many will think about the trumped up charges and illegal trial he faced.

Today many will remember with sorrow that they like Peter sometimes deny the Christ.

Today many will shed tears as they recall the beatings and mocking Jesus faced.

Today many will focus on the Christ as He suffered on a cross for six hours, and recoil knowing that He was the penal substitution for their own sins.

Today many Christians will sorrow over the death of Christ, but there is hope.

There is something else that we know. There is the rest of the story.

Sunday is coming! The dead Savior will rise alive and victorious! The tomb will be empty!

Rejoice for that day did come. Rejoice in the hope His resurrection brings.

We may face trials – but Sunday’s coming!

We may suffer – but Sunday’s coming!

We may face persecution – but Sunday’s coming!

We may be tired – but Sunday’s coming!

We may die – but our own SONday’s coming!

Because He rose form the dead, those is Christ will rise with Him to be with Him eternally in heaven – Sunday is truly coming!


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