The Ring

This great thought comes from my childhood friend.  I had the pleasure of performing his wedding to his lovely wife Carin more than a few years ago – nearly 21 years. He posted this on Facebook and I use it with permission. – Scott


The Ring

I took my wedding ring off a couple of months ago for the first time in many years. My wife gave me a black tungsten ring for Christmas as a replacement for my original gold wedding ring. I had kind of hinted for one!

If you looked at my wedding ring, you might notice that it has seen better days. It received its unique custom shaping in a variety of ways. It’s been caught, pinched, squeezed, pulled and scratched. I have reshaped it a time or two, but have not really kept it off long since I’ve been married.

After wearing the new ring for a couple of days, I learned something about myself that I never really knew. It started to bother me to not have my ‘old’ ring on. And then I figured it out.
You see…to me, my wedding ring represented something much more than a round, flawless ring. It reminded me that marriage can be hard but it can persevere through the toughest of times, even protecting the couple from harm that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to endure alone. I know beyond any doubt that I am so very thankful to God for the marriage I have with Carin.

You might say, “How does that warped ring feel on your finger?”, as it’s surely no longer perfectly round. The truth is, it’s a very comfortable fit. It’s almost as if the finger has grown to fit the ring, or the ring continues to grow to fit the finger – very similar to a husband and wife who grow to become a better fit for each other with time. Again, after almost 21 years, we have been through some ‘bumps’ and ‘trauma’, but we’ve grown to be a better fit for each other through that too!

If you see me wearing my new black tungsten ring on my pinky finger, now you’ll know why.

  • Tom Biggs
ecs talent show 1972-73

1973 ECS Talent show, I am on the left, Tom is on the right. One of the girls is Darla (who posted this pic to FB) and the other – I cannot remember her name. Tom and I go way back.

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