Life in the Last Days

Read Mark 13:1-37.  In this passage, Jesus tells his apostles that the pride and joy of God’s demon eye redpeople will again face destruction. The destruction of the temple would come while their generation still lived (Mark 13:30).

Today, many equate the events of Mark 13 to the Christ’s 2nd Coming and the events of the end of time.  But look closer.

  • This prophecy from Jesus is about the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.
  • Historically, those events took place in A.D. 70 during the time the generation Jesus spoke to, still lived.
  • This is not God’s judgment on the evil of the world, but His judgment on Judah for rejecting His will and His Messiah (Christ).
  • It would signal the ultimate dismantling of the Covenant He had with Israel through the Law of Moses and signify the ratification of a New Covenant of Love, signed by the blood of the Christ – Jesus.
Hopefully I have cleared that up for some of you. The truth is that even if this passage in Mark 13 and the corollary passage in Matthew 24 are about the destruction of Jerusalem, we are living in the last days. I do not say this because of wars and rumor or wars, but because the last days are the last age of the world – the last dispensation before Christ’s return.  Jesus came to establish His kingdom and His reign.  He accomplished His purpose and went home to the Father, awaiting the time when He will return to judge the world. Take a look at the following truths:
  1.  We live in the Kingdom of Christ now. There is no waiting for a rapture for us to be translated into His Kingdom. Paul says, Col 1:13
  2. We are reigning with Christ now. 1Pe 2:9,   Rev 1:6 ; 5:10
  3. When Christ returns again, it will be the FINAL judgment for all mankind, both good and evil. Joh 5:28-29
  4. We must live for Christ and God now. Follow the King of kings now, while we have time, 2Th 1:7-10

The real question for each of us is: Are we living in the for the King now in anticipation of our translation into heaven?

  • Scott

One thought on “Life in the Last Days

  1. Thank you Scott, you definitely cleared up a lot for me. Never did understand that passage fully, but agree I thought it was concerning the time then. Keep informing us, I sure need it. Again thanks.

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