Don’t Go to Church this Christmas –


I heard about two billboards one in Colorado and one in North Carolina in Bible class yesterday evening and saw a story about it on social media.  An atheist group paid for these billboards that have a picture of Santa and the following quote, “Go ahead and skip church. Just be good for goodness sake. Happy Holidays”

This would not be the first billboards I did not like and wished would not be displayed. (Alcohol and tobacco billboards are examples, as well as ambulance chasing lawyers, the obviously Photoshop edited – barely dressed – never been over weight in her life model advertising liposuction, and the list goes on.)

But this one from an atheist group is combative. They are not the first to be combative with billboards, Christians have done the same with billboards, there is one near the capital of my state that says, “Go to Church or the Devil will Get You.” True or not this is not be the best way to share the good news of salvation.

But back to the sign from the atheist group. The joke is on them. In 1934, when J. F. Coots and Haven Gellespie penned the lyrics to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” they included the phrase “You better be good for goodness sake.” The latter part of this phrase “for goodness sake” is a euphemism. Religious folks who did not want to use God’s name in vain, often referred to God as “Good” or “Goodness.” After-all, Jesus says “There is only One who is Good.” (Matthew 19:17). Even this atheistic sign reminds me of God. I should mention they end the sign with “Happy Holidays.” Holidays is a compound word “holy + days.” Even saying Holidays makes reference to God who is Holy (cf. 1 Peter 1:16).

Then there is this.  I don’t think you should just go to church on Christmas, you and I should be the church all year long. If we are CEO (Christmas and Easter Only) Christians we are not Christians at all.  Should we take time during this season of thanks and gifting to remember that Jesus did come into the world to bring peace with God? YES! But do not stop there. Turn your life over to Him, living for Him day in an day out so you can “Have Christmas the whole year through.”

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