A Prayer for the Church

Join me in prayer today.

  • Scott

Dear Father,

Thank You for the Church. Thank you for paying the price for her through the Sacrifice of Your Son. Thank You for Your Love that bring us, Your people, into the Kingdom through the blood of Christ.

Today Father, I ask You to be with the leaders of the local church. Be with the elders who spend countless hours in thought and prayer over Your people. Be with them as they lead us closer to You and help us guide our walk with Your Word. Be with them as a serve Your people; praying with them and for them during trying times. Give these men the health they need to be good servants of Yours. Be with their wives as they support them and encourage them.

Be with the deacons and other ministry leaders. Help them to have the strength to serve as faithful stewards of the task(s) set before them. As they look over the day to day operations of Your church, whether they serve in building maintenance, education, transportation, missions, youth, children, college, greeters, growth, small groups, ladies ministry, elderly saints care, outreach, benevolence, or one of any number of areas they serve, help them to always see their duties in the light of serving You and growing Your people. Be with their families as these deacons and leaders spend time providing for the growth and edification of Your Church.

Be with each and every Christian. May we see our role as servants and as disciples. May we live our life in a way that reflects Your light to our families, co-workers, neighbors, fellow Christians, and friends. Help us to focus on You and others more than ourselves. Give us the strength we need to daily die to ourselves so that we can better live for You. Be with our teens as they face the temptations that come during their time of self-discovery. Bless our college students with the wisdom and fortitude they need to stand strong when those around them abuse their new found independence. Be with our young adults who are beginning their lives as singles, young marrieds, and as they begin their careers and follow the path of their life. Help them to keep You first in their lives. Bless those who are parents. Help them as the face challenges of raising children in the world today. Bless each of us with strength and courage to live for You.

Be with those that teach Bible classes. Bless those that teach the babies and toddlers as they lay the foundation for faith to grow in these little souls. Be with the teachers of the elementary age children. Give them the patience and skills they need to help these energetic young people to focus their energy on You. Be with the teachers of our adolescents. Help them guide these budding souls into an ever deeper faith as they face the changes coming in their world. Be with the teachers of our college adults, young adults, and maturing adults. Help them to teach what Your word says and help them to lead us closer and closer to You.

Be with those who preach Your Word. May they be faithful to Your will as they teach it to others. May they have a contagious energy and enthusiasm that leads others to know the joy of salvation in Christ.

In Jesus’ Name . . .

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