Five For Friday

Five for Friday

Here are five of articles I found very interesting and worth reading this week. I pray they educate and encourage you.

  1. After 31 Years a Murder Victim is Found – ALIVE! Neal Pollard uses the news to remind us simple truths.
  2. #Shoutoutyourabortionforgiveness – Adam Faughn reminds us of the power of God’s Grace.
  3. “Don’t Judge Me” is a Really Bad Excuse for Sin – Wes McAdams explains judging.
  4. It is a HOAX – John Dobbs reminds us why as Christians we should be careful what we share.
  5. What’s a Preacher Supposed to Look Like? – I have been told, “You don’t look like a preacher.  What does that mean.  Steve Higginbotham draws us a great picture of a preacher he knows.

3 thoughts on “Five For Friday

  1. Especially loved number five. For so long I’ve been taught or told what a gospel preacher should look like that I’ve questioned whether I had the education or makeup to be one. This is another reminder that while others may judge me by my college degree or the clothes I choose to wear, God judges my heart.

    • Joe, I know a few preachers who were first educators. I can get you in touch with one if you want to talk about such a transition. I think you can do it and would be good at it.

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  2. I agree completely, I think a lot of people have an idea fixed in their mind of what a preacher is “supposed” to look like (typically, an eloquent extrovert in a nice suit).

    I decided recently to start looking for a way to leave the secular world to preach. It took me a long time to decide this though, because I wasn’t sure a quiet introvert (who doesn’t have a degree) would make an effective preacher, or even be taken seriously if I tried. (I’m also a jeans-and-tshirt kind of guy who doesn’t like wearing suits.) But the bible clearly shows that God used all sorts of men to spread his teachings, with the common factors being faithfulness and sound knowledge, not outward appearance or personality type.

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