Five for Friday

Five for Friday

As a new feature on The Morning Drive, I am going to share five articles I read from others this week, and every Friday, that I think you might be interested in.  Some or them are just food for thought, others carry some practical advice.  The topic are varied.  I hope you enjoy these reads.

  1. On Relational Evangelism – From Thom S. Rainer
  2. Spend Yourself – Joe Butler
  3. From 2006 but J. S. Smith writes an interesting article about what some Cheerleaders learned.
  4. The Blood Moon is all over the news and so are doomsday prophets.  Focus Press has a good response.
  5. What not to say and what to say at a Funeral – J. L. Gerhardt shares his experiences and advice.
  • Scott

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