You Never Know

amy and scottRecently, Amy and I got caught.  We did not know someone was watching.  We really did not even consider that someone might be watching.  We only found out when Alice told us. She came up to us after Bible classes a day or so later , “There they are!” she said. “My two sweethearts.  I saw you at the store the other day.”

She then told us that she and a friend were shopping and her friend pointed out a couple holding hands as they shopped, “Isn’t that sweet?!” Alice’s friend said as she point to the couple holding hands. “Ooh,” Alice cooed, “I wonder how long they have been married . . . Wait!” Alice stared harder, “That’s Mr. Scott and Mrs. Amy – he’s the preacher where I go to church and that’s his wife!”

I am glad we were caught.  I hope the world sees Amy and I holding hands as we are in the Mall, at Target, or Walmart. I hope that somehow the fact that we still hold hands after 26 years of marriage plus the nearly 2 years we dated will influence some other couple to be affectionate and to stick together.

When We Hold Hands

By B Scott McCown – September 08, 2015


When I hold your hand,

I am saying I love you.

When I hold your hand,

I am saying I care.

When I hold your hand,

I am keeping you near me.

When I hold your hand,

As we walk or in prayer.


When you hold my hand,

I know that you love me.

When you hold my hand,

I am walking on air.

When you hold my hand,

You are keeping me near you.

When you hold my hand,

One life – one path we share.


When we hold hands,

Others take notice.

When we hold hands,

Let the world stop and stare.

When we hold hands,

We are walking together.

When we hold hands,

Life’s burdens we can bear.

  • Scott

10 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. After 49 years of marriage, and will be 50 years come Dec. 2015, we still hold hands. Sometimes to keep me from falling, sometimes just because. Isn’t it great to still be in love after so many years and so many discussions, we can still say, “I love you.” Hand holding is the greatest security we can give our spouse.

  2. Lovely! We are also still enjoying holding hands. Almost 43 years of marriage follow over a year of dating! Randy and I are still very much in love!

  3. After about twenty years of marriage my wife told me that I didn’t treat her the way I used to treat her. I asked her what she meant. She said you don’t open the door for me and you don’t hold my hand the way you used to. Now I always open the doors for her and hold her hand when we walk, ride or sit. This is my way of telling her that I love her. We will celebrate 53 years of marriage later this month.

  4. Steve and I were recently visiting Andi and family in Oakman. She and munchkins went to the barn to watch the farrier with their horses. Steve and I did not go but sat in the swing and held hands and talked. Lyla looked back at us and told Andi “look at those two lovebirds”. We always hold hands during all prays and at many other time. It is so important. Loved the poem about holding hands. Never too old to do that. Thanks

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