Prayer for School


Can you find me?In my corner of the universe school is starting for the academic year 2015-2016.  Today is the first day of classes for elementary, junior high, and high school students.  College and university students are moving back on campus and getting ready for classes to being in a week or two.  Our son is already at college for Band Camp, Freshmen Experience, and classes that begin next week.

I read and hear a lot about prayer needing back in school and how God needs to be allowed back in school.  Despite all the statements to the contrary – God never left school and prayer still happens.  God cannot and will not be removed from where He wants to be and can be.  If you believe in the omnipresence of God then you must know that He is in schools. Especially when His children are there.  When there are teachers who are Christians, when there are staff members that are Christians as well as students who are Christians, then God is there with them as He dwells in them.  When these Christians take moments to pray, even “flash” prayers (quick prayers that last only a thought or two) then there is prayer in school.  When a teacher prays in his classroom before the students arrive, there is prayer in school.  When students individually bow before breakfast or lunch and thank God for their meal, there is prayer in school.  When these Christians live the life God would have them live others learn from God through them. God and prayer are still a regular part of school.

Christians, this puts pressure on you to live for God and to be light in the world.

With that said, will you join me in a prayer for this school year, whether or not it has started where you are?

  • Scott

“Dear Father in Heaven,

This morning we come before you to intercede for our students, teachers, school leaders, staff, janitors, aides, media specialists, counselors, administrators, bus drivers, and lunch room workers. We pray for all who are a part of our children’s and young people’s education.  Help them to be positive influences on this generation. Help them to communicate the lessons in ways that students can learn the lessons and principles they need for life.

Father, please be with the teachers of the little ones, help them to guide these young hearts and minds to a love of learning and toward good citizenship based on what is right and true. Be with the teachers of the middle children. Help them as they deal with the changes in these young people as they begin to mature. Help these teachers and others guide them in the way that is right.  Be with the teachers of teens.  Help them keep these young adults on the right track and bring others back to a direction that will benefit the student’s future.  Be with our college and university instructors and professors. Help them prepare their students to be productive citizens and moral leaders in our world.

God, there are so many others that work with our students and in the schools. Please help them to have a good influence on our youth.  Help them as they serve, guide, counsel, lead, protect, transport, and feed these children. Let their love for students be a light of hope, especially for those students who experience so little love away from school.

Father, you know the many things today’s children and youth face. You know the ideologies, temptations, and immorality that their parents and grandparents may not have faced. Give them strength to stay the course. Give them courage to say “no” to the things that will drag them down physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Be with all our youth, especially those that are trying to live in a way pleasing to you. Help them to be a positive influence on their peers. For those that have lost their way, Father, please give them opportunity to change and to avoid the dangers that lay ahead if they continue on their current path. For those that have never known You, help them learn of Grace.

Please be with the parents and guardians of our youth.  Help them to see how best to help their charge succeed. Help them to partner with the schools to make their children’s educational journey the best it can be. Hel them as parents and guardians to create and to provide an atmosphere at home that is conducive to learning.

In Jesus’ name. . .

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