Even More on Prayer

Prayer!  Prayer is so much more than saying a few words with our 20111206-072603.jpgheads bowed and hands folded.  Prayer involves our entire concept of God. Prayer connects deeply to our faith. Our life as a child of God is to be a life of prayer.

  • Prayer is not simply an emergency line to God, although He wants to hear and help our urgent needs.
  • Prayer is not negotiation with God. We should ask for supplication, but we need not barter with God.
  • Prayer is not a miracle nor does prayer require/expect God to answer with a miracle. Providence – yes! Miraculously setting aside the laws of nature – no.
  • Prayer is not for show. Prayer is not meant to impress others with our piety. Prayer is more of an exercise of humility seeking aid from the Creator of all.
  • Prayer is not resigning our fate to the whims of a narcissistic god. Prayer is not giving up or giving in.

Prayer is so much more.

Take time to talk with God today – right now.  I know that the Father longs to hear from His children; the Creator wants to hear from his creation.

– Scott

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