Today is a beautiful day. Beautiful in my part of the world because of the temperature, the early morning sun, the blue sky and white clouds. Today is beautiful because of the birds that sing and the flowers that bloom. Today is beautiful because You made it. Thank you for the beauty of your creation.

Today is beautiful in the people around me. The family in my house and the love we have for each other. Thank you for them. But also the people I saw as I commuted to the study this morning. Thank you for the drivers who kindly let others pull out of their subdivisions so they could get their children to school or arrive at work on time. Thank you for the construction worker I saw pulled off to the side of the road assisting a stranded motorist of a different ethnicity. Thank you for those that teach our children. Today is beautiful because of Your creation and Your influence.

Today is beautiful because of Your mercy (loving kindness) that is new every morning (cf. Lam 3:22-23). Today is beautiful because this is a day You made (cf. Ps 118:24). Today is a beautiful day because of You!

Thank you, Father, for today.

In Jesus’ name.

– Scott

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