What is – – – Who Are the Church?

102_6566The Church is a group of individual Christians drawn together by a common faith in Jesus as Christ (Messiah) for worship and service. The Church is a free fellowship, that is, her members are those who choose to be members. Her members wear only the name of Christian, but do not claim to be all that such a name represents.

Each congregation is a free, independent, self-governing body (elders chosen from the congregation), ruled by Christ alone as head. The Church has no earthly headquarters, no ruling council, synod, or congress. As autonomous the Church is free to study, teach, and work as the Bible directs our individual and collective conscience. (It is my personal prayer, that all who consider themselves Christians and churches will throw off denominational divisions and remove all barriers of fellowship created by man’s preferences and come to unity in the Faith that is in Christ alone.)

The Church serves and worships as she understands the Scriptures to teach.

  • As we see the apostles and early church celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) each Lord’s Day, we do the same (Act 20:7).
  • As we read in scripture of singing being the form of praise to God, we choose to sing without the addition of manmade musical instruments (Eph 5:18-19; Col 3:16).
  • Prayers are from the heart, directed to God who is the power that answers prayer (Eph 6:18).
  • In our worship time is set aside for the heralding of the Good News and God’s will. (Act 2:42).
  • In our individual and corporate lives we seek to always live for God (Col 3:17).

I would like to take time to study more with you about Christ and His Church.

– Scott

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