An Umbrella for Two

37020b71c0303413643710cfccc4f1ebThe rain is falling in my corner of the world.  The rain started Sunday and we are expecting rain through Friday.  Six days of rain! Thirty-four more and we might face a flood of Biblical proportions.

Even in the rain, there are rays of sunshine. Yes, the sun sneaks through the clouds.  Yes, the rain washes away salt and dirt on the roads from the last two weeks of icy weather. Yes, the rain waters the earth for the flowers of spring. But there was something else I saw yesterday. Something nice, something sweet.

I should back up a bit and tell you that I work in a college town. That is an understatement. I work in Tuscaloosa, Alabama the home of the University of Alabama where enrollment this academic year was approximately 38,000. There are a more than a few students and young adults everywhere.

Now I come back to the rain and yesterday. Yesterday evening, I was driving to the hospital as the rain was beginning to fall as the light faded from the sky. As I crossed the railroad tracks, there they were, a young couple walking in the rain, sharing an umbrella and having a great time. They were smiling and laughing.  You know, the laugh of young romantic love. It was a sweet walk for them and a sweet moment for me to see.

I thought of a few things as I saw this couple.

  1. I thought of Amy (my wife of 25 years) and all the walks we have shared since we started dating 28 years ago.
  2. I thought of the talks we have on those walks.
  3. I thought of the last chapter in “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott – Under the Umbrella.
  4. I thought of the second verse of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by the Police.
  5. I thought of the talks and walks I have with God as He holds my hand through life (Isa 41:13; 1Jo 1:7).

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