What If?

On Social media, today is Throw Back Thursday, so I thought I would go to the hard copy files (a real filing cabinet, with hangingWooden_file_cabinet folders) to the thick files labeled, “Miscellaneous Bulletin Articles” and pull one for the blog.

What If . . . ?

  • What if God couldn’t find the time to bless us today because we could not find the time to thank Him yesterday?
  • What if God decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we did not follow Him today?
  • What if God did not walk with us today because we failed to recognize it as a day He made?
  • What if we never saw another flower bloom because we grumbled when God sent rain?
  • What if God stopped loving and caring for us because we failed to love and care for each other?
  • What if God took away His Word tomorrow because we did not read it today?
  • What if God had not send His Son because He wanted us to be prepared to pay the price for our own sin?
  • What if God would refuse to hear us today because we refused to listen to His Word yesterday?
  • What if God answered our prayers the way we answer His call to service?
  • What if God met our needs the way we give Him our lives?
  • What if . . .

– Scott

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