In the Beginning . . . God

“In the beginning, God . . .” And so the Bible begins. I suppose there are a number of ways such a collection of books could ipad 094begin. Since God’s Word contains “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2Pe 1:3) the Bible could begin, “These are the blessing and curses attached to your obedience to the commands of God.  God desires that you follow Him completely. This is what you are to do and not to do . . .” Yet, this collection of books breathed out by God begins with a simple phrase, “In the beginning, God . . .”

“In the beginning, God . . .” These four words set the tone not only for the Book of Beginnings (Genesis) but the entirety of Scripture. Through these four words, the Bible becomes more than a list of codes, greater than proverbs, prose, or prophecy, and grander than a collection of narratives about a people and their struggle to understand the world around them.

“In the beginning, God . . .” God was in the beginning creating, not created by the imaginations of man to explain our origins.

“In the Beginning, God . . .” This is His story. This is God creating man and communicating His compassion toward His creation.

“In the beginning, God . . .” Life, liberty, and the pursuit of (no the acquisition of) happiness finds fulfillment in God who is in and is the beginning of all things.

“In the beginning, God . . .” God began all things, will you begin this day, this month, and this year with Him?

– Scott

3 thoughts on “In the Beginning . . . God

  1. Thanks, Scott, for your words of wisdom that remind us of our true origin–and of our daily dependence upon God. Keep writing and sharing. Best wishes for this New Year 2015!

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