A Growing Church

I found this poem in the files this morning. I thought you would like to read it.

A Growing Church,

by Norman Gipson

I really want the church to grow –

It means the world to me;

I always worship with the saints

When I’ve no company.

I really want the church to grow –

And prosper in the end;

Then maybe someone else could come

And try to teach my friend.

I really want the church to grow –

And have sufficient funds;

I’d give some too, except that I

Must pay off all these loans.

I’m anxious for the church to grow –

The worship is so great;

When I last wen, six months ago,

I was just barely late.

I wonder why the church won’t grow?

It would, you plainly see,

If all the members of the flock,

Were faithful, just like me.

Hmm, I wonder what the author is saying . . .

– Scott

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