Ten Things to Think About

About 4 years ago I heard Vance Hutton share a message entitled “Things to Remember.”  I wrote his list in the back leaf of my Bible and every once in a while I look back at it. I looked at the list this morning and decided I would share it with you because, well it is worth sharing.

  1. You have a God to glorify.10
  2. You have a Savior to imitate.
  3. You have a Soul to protect (save).
  4. You have a Body to “put to death.”
  5. You have Virtue to acquire.
  6. You have Heaven to seek.
  7. You have Eternity on which to meditate.
  8. You have Temptation to resist.
  9. You have the World to guard against.
  10. Perhaps today you have to Death to meet or perhaps the Lord will return today.

Get to thinking!


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