Dear Preacher

Dear Preacher,

Every time I am at church, I hear the same message.  You folks at church are always asking members to give.  I thought I would give you a list of what we already give up for God and the Church.

  • I give up four hours a week for Bible classes and worship when I come both Sunday and Wednesday.
  • I give up staying up late on Saturdays so I am not tired on Sundays.
  • Speaking of Sundays, A lot of my friends and co-workers go fishing or to the races on Sundays – I don’t.
  • There are certain movies that people talk about that I won’t see (not to mention all the  TV shows, concerts, etc.).
  • I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.
  • I do not use recreational drugs.
  • I give almost 10% of my take-home pay every week.
  • Which means, I have a smaller house than I want, an older car than I want, and I am still saving for that boat.

There is so much more to list, but I think, preacher, that you see my point.  Quit asking me to give and give and give.  Don’t you think it is time that God gave up something for me?

Oh, wait . . . He did!


4 thoughts on “Dear Preacher

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the tremendous cost that was paid for us. My feeble sacrifices in life could never equate to what he has done for me.

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